Sarbjit Cheema

Sarbjit Cheema

Sarbjit Cheema

June 14


Village Cheema Kalan,Jalandhar, Punjab


Punjabi, Bhangra, Boliyan, Punjabi Gidha


Singer, Song Writer, Actor

Years active


Associated acts

Aman Hayer, Sukshinder Shinda


 Sarbjit Cheema is a Punjabi singer.Popularly known as Cheema. After compliting his graduation Sarbjit went to Canada.Before At school he was a captain of his hockey team.For higher studies Cheema joined Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar. He joined the bhangra team of the college and won several prizes at College level, University level and Punjab level.He never knew he would sing. Not as a kid when he spent the evenings with his father and grandfather listening to the folk singers gathered at their village open during “khed melas”.But Since the time the truth revealed itself to him through his ustad; puritan, culture lover, man of the masses Sarabjit Cheema has enjoyed every moment of the role.In college, he joined the bhangra team and for five years he participated in competitions winning accolades as the best dancer during many fests.It was here that a singer for the club, Balraj Singh Bassi, listened to him. “Bhangra and singing had never been more earlier but the ustad expressed faith in Cheema.


As his grooving and melodious voice reverbrated against the decked out walls of the store.As the evening progressed, he sang, `Ni aaja nach le’ and `Billo teri tor vekh ke’ on the demand by youngsters.His most successful album was “Chandigarh Shaher Di Kuddi” that rocked the youngsters.With every album cheema has proved his melodious voice in Punjab.He has maked rocked with Boliyan and Gidha Beats.His smash hit Punjabi song Rangla Punjab from his album Mela Vekhdiye Mutiyare was released in 1996. His hits are billo teri tor vekh ke,Dhol Vajda, Rang rara riri rara, Bhangra, Nacho-Nacho, Khatta Doria, Chandigarh Shehar di kudi,Boliyan.Many Times His albums music was produced my musician Sukhpal Sukh and Atul Sharma.Now he is working with musician Aman Hayer. He has sung many Boliyan in his albums. Cheema Has released 2 Religious albums. He has 12 studio albums and 2 Punjabi Movies.

                     ALL SONG Albums

All Albums of Sarbjit Cheema And Labels.

  • Dilbar - 2011 =Music Roots/Music Waves/Kamlee Records

  • Pao Bhangra Only Folk - 2008 =T-Series/Music Waves/Kamlee Records

  • Nacho-Nacho - 2007 =T-Series

  • Sone Di Chirhi - 2005 =T-Series

  • Rang - 2003 =T-Series

  • Kurti - 2001 =T-Series

  • Chandigarh Shehar Di Kudi- 2000 =Raja Entertainers

  • Billo Teri Tor Vekh Ke - 1998 =Raja Entertainers

  • Mein Haan Putt Punjab Da - 1997 =Raja Entertainers

  • Mela Vekhdiye Mutiyare - 1996 =Raja Entertainers

  • Khatta Doria - 1995 =Peritone

  • Yaar Nachde - 1993 =TPM


  • Punjab Bolda -

  • Welcome To Punjab - 2012 =Music Roots/Kamlee Records

  • Apni Boli Apna Des -2009 =Music Waves/Music Roots

  • Pind Di Kudi - 2004 =T-Series

                    Religious Albums

  • Bole So Nihal - 2012 =Music Waves/Kamlee Records/Vanjhali Recordz

  • Aj Khande Chon Kaum Sajni - 1999 =Raja Entertainers

             Single SONGS

  • Various(Chharata 1997)- 1997 =T-Series

  • Various(Mitran Da Challa) =T-Series

  • Various(Boli Paa Mitra) - 2002 =T-Series

  • Various(Dhol-Vajda Vaisakhi Mela)- 2001 =T-Series

  • Various(Tik Tik Tik 2001) - 2001 =T-Series

  • Various(Mela Geetan Da) =T-Series

  • Various(Jhumkeyan Wali) =T-Series

  • Various(Guldasta Geetan Da) - 2003 =T-Series

  • Various(Hello-Hello 2000) - 2000 =Music Waves

  • Various(Ral Khushian Manaiye)- 2002 =Kiss Records/Tips

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