Harjit Harman

Harjit Harman

Harjit Harman



Doda village, near Nabha, East Punjab


Punjabi, Bhangra, Romantic, Pop


Singer , actor

Years active



 Harjit Harman (Punjabi: ਹਰਜੀਤ ਹਰਮਨ) is a famous Punjabi singer of Indian Punjab. He belongs to Doda village near Nabha, Punjab



Although Harjit is active on the Punjabi music since 1999, he had to wait till 2002 to find fame with his solo album Zanjeeri. He has since produced several hit albums such as Panjebaan, Mundri, Hoor, and others.

In 2011, his album Shaan-E-Quam (Pride of the Nation) was nominated for the Global Indian Music Awards under the category "Best Folk Album."


Harjit Harman has a unique voice that is melodious and loud at the same time. This style was popularized by Hans Raj Hans and Harbhajan Maan and it continues to be very popular among a new generation of Punjabi music lovers.


  • Desi Romeos (2012)

                     ALL SONG Albums

Notable albums of Harjit Harman:

  • Jhanjhar (2012)

  • Shaan-E-Kaum (2011)

  • Hoor (2009)

  • Mundri (2007)

  • Singh Soorme (2005)

  • Panjebaan (2004)

  • Mutiyare (2003)

  • Tere Pain Bhulekhe (2002)

  • Zanjeeri (2002)

  • Kudi Chiran Ton Vichhari (1999)

                     Popular SONGS

The following are some of Harjit Harman's more popular songs:

  • Hoor (Album: Hoor) 

  • Mundri (Album: Mundri) 

  • Panjebaan (Album: Panjeban) 

  • Sajjan Milade (Album: Hoor) 

  • Jogi (Album: Mundri) 

  • Chandol (Album: Mundri) 

  • Jattan De Putt (Album: Panjebaan)

  • Dil Marjaane Nu (Album Panjebaan)

  • Patari (Album: Tere Pain Bhulekhe)

  • Charkha (Album: Tere Pain Bhulekhe)

  • Teri Yaad (Album: Zanjeeri)

  • mittran da na chalda

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